Dustin Slaughter

Dustin Slaughter

Philadelphia, PA
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Writer and photojournalist

Writer, FOIA researcher, legal assistant. I focus on surveillance, civil liberties, criminal justice, and more.

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2014 912 data st article
Local and State Police Involved in Sensitive Hemisphere Program

Philly-Camden area law enforcement have unfettered access to a massive phone record database rivaling the NSA's.

Open uri20140729 18768 adyh4p article
Officials Fight Release of Suspicious Activity Reporting in Philadelphia

Similar suspicious activity reporting programs face mounting criticism nationally.

Ppd alrp article
Murky Legality: Philadelphia Police Department’s License Plate Reader Program

Police collect thousands of license plate images per minute, and store largely innocent people’s travel habits for a year. What’s wrong with this picture?

Open uri20140415 24819 3kkhbs article
PA State Police Purchase Controversial Cell Phone Spying Technology, and Don't Want You To Know About It

HailStorm gear scoops up cell data from people not under investigation, raising serious Fourth Amendment concerns.

Open uri20140311 7413 xhwk7a article
24 Philly Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested

24 Philly Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested

Open uri20131207 5539 lteu88 article
The Death of Irony, or, University of Penn's Secret Meetings on Secret Surveillance Law - PHAWKER.COM

On Penn's opaque, cozy relationship with the national security state.

Fixthis barrettbrown article
An Unconstitutional Gag Order Threatens to Further Silence Barrett Brown

Legal proceedings surrounding the politically-charged, precedent-setting prosecution of investigative journalist Barrett L. Brown have taken another disconcerting turn as the government has requested a gag order to be placed on both Brown and his defense team.

The Questionable Benefits of Philadelphia's New Fusion Center

The folly of domestic security intelligence-gathering centers, or fusion centers – now facing criticism from both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C. – is about to stumble into Philadelphia, with our cash-strapped city footing $10 million of the $20 million bill amid the expected closing of 37 public schools.

Philly fights school plan - Salon.com

A state-appointed commission recently announced a plan to privatize most of the Philadelphia school system